Associations and citizens

As promoter of the development plan, SAVE has involved local associations in a Working Group to discuss and share the project, with particular attention to the mitigation and compensation works included in the Environmental Impact Study.

As well as the Municipality of Favaro, the Working Group also includes the committee Tessera Bella and the association Amici della Poiana.


The tessera bella committee

The Tessera Bella Committee, as per its mission statement published online, aims to play an active role in defending its territory, by cooperating with the various associations and asking citizens for their opinion on the quality of life in Tessera and on any changes to implement for the common good. The Committee seeks to propose to the responsible bodies ideas and solutions on urban plans, public works, and on the fight against all forms of pollution. The Committee also promotes civil dialogue between the local social forces, whether they be associations or parties, always seeking solutions that focus on the well-being and health of citizens, their territories, culture, local traditions, historical, artistic, monumental and archaeological heritage.

President: Ivano Berto



Amici della poiana (friends of the buzzard) association

The Amici della Poiana Association promotes initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of airport's neighbouring areas in terms of road traffic, pollution (acoustic, atmospheric, electromagnetic) and planning of future investments.

President: Pierina Bulfone


Comitato cittadini di tessera e di campalto (citizens of tessera and campalto committee)

The Cittadini di Tessera e di Campalto Committee was established in 2011 and has focused in recent years on noise and environmental pollution issues relating to the airport development.

Spokespeople: Deborah Onisto – Cesare Rossi

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