Master Plan 2021: the interaction of various stakeholders

The launch of the Environmental Impact Assessment authorization procedure linked to the Master Plan 2021 took place after a long and complex journey of analysis and debate with public bodies, institutions and citizens' associations.

Due to its design content and for its proximity to safeguarded areas, the Master Plan 2021 is subject to several procedures and in particular:


National Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA, formerly Part II of Legislative Decree No. 152 of 2006 and subsequent modifications and integrations, Annex II "National Projects", point 10 "[...] airports with runways longer than 1500 metres" and Article 8, Sub-paragraph 4 of decree DPCM of 27/12/1988), which is the tool for identifying, describing and evaluating a project's direct and indirect effects on human health and certain environmental components such as fauna, flora, soil, water, air, climate, landscape and cultural heritage, and on the interaction among these factors and components.


Incidence assessment (former Article 5 of Presidential Decree No. 357 of 1997), for the evaluation of the effects on habitats and species found at the Natura 2000 network sites near the airport.


Landscape Permit (former Articles No. 146 and 147 of Legislative Decree No. 42 of 2004), as the airport is found in an area of landscape constraints.


Preventive evaluation of archaeological interest (former Law No. 109 of 2005, Articles 95 and 96 of Legislative Decree No. 163 of 2006 and subsequent modifications and integrations), as the airport is located in an area of archaeological constraints.


Planning compliance certification

Presidential Decree No. 383 of 18 April 1994, which regulates the location procedures of works of public interest, states that the assessment of compliance with the requirements provided for in regulations and urban and building plans of this category of public works is done by the State, through the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport in agreement with the Region concerned.

Therefore, obtaining the planning compliance certification concludes the authorization procedures required for Master Plan 2021.

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