Flora, fauna and ecosystem

The analysis of the aspect takes into account the main features of the vast survey area and the area closest to the airport, both from the point of view of ecosystems and soil utilization, and from flora and fauna aspects, taking into account the Sites of Community Importance (SCI) and Special Protection Areas (SPA) found in the area:

  • SPA IT3250046 “Laguna di Venezia” (Venice's lagoon);
  • SCI IT3250031 “Laguna superiore di Venezia” (Venice's upper lagoon).

Location of major works and the Natura 2000 sites


The area is located at the edge of Venice lagoon, one of the most important coastal Italian wetland ecosystems, and a key element for preserving biodiversity in Europe and especially aquatic birds (Ramsar area). The proximity of the lagoon increases the naturalistic value also in the neighbouring agricultural areas, which are otherwise characterized by intensive crops with scattered urban settlements.

The potential effects of the Master Plan under operation in the 2021 scenario on individual habitats and Community species are due to:

  1. land reclamation (outside the SCI/SPA) of emerged-shoal habitats and consequent loss of suitability for the western marsh harrier and Montagu's harrier populations in the outlying Natura 2000 sites;
  2. air traffic, due to the increase in number of take-offs and landings and direct increase of impacts on wildlife of Community importance (wildlife strike)
  3. noise emissions and disturbance to birds, amphibians and mammals;
  4. emission of pollutants and dust from aircraft and vehicle traffic on habitats and flora, amphibians, reptiles and terrestrial invertebrates of Community importance.

With regard to point 1, the location and the surface of the land reclamation area, together with the conservation of the suitability of the area for the foraging of the species, make the impacts of the airport on western marsh harrier and Montagu's harrier populations of Natura 2000 sites negligible.

With regard to point 2, the frequency data of the wildlife strike phenomenon suggest that no significant negative effects on bird species of Community importance in the Natura 2000 sites near the airport can be expected.

With regard to point 3, the variation and magnitude of the noise emission attributable to the increase in take-offs and landings in future scenarios results in negligible impacts on species of Community importance in the Natura 2000 sites nearby the airport.

With regard to point 4, the effect of emissions, exhaust gasses during taking-off/landing and of vehicles, on the habitats and plant/amphibian species of the Natura 2000 sites, do not appear to significantly affect any species and habitats of Community importance.

With the aim of expanding the knowledge of habitats and species within its sphere of influence, and even in the absence of any impacts, the Master Plan has planned a control activity on the main natural emergencies.


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