Mitigations and compensations

In dealing with the various environmental components, specific measures have been identified case by case to mitigate and, where necessary, compensate the identified impacts.

Regarding most of the works outlined above, it should be noted that, despite the fact that no negative impacts on the neighbouring area have been detected, considering the proximity of some residential areas (Tessera, Campalto and Ca' Noghera), which are in direct visual contact with the infrastructures, and the requests of resident populations, a number of measures have been identified that can suitably offset the disturbance cause by the airport's works perceived by the inhabitants of Tessera, Campalto and Ca' Noghera.

It should be recalled that the Master Plan contains an investment item named "Mitigation and compensation measures" (code 6.17) which takes in those works that the Environmental Impact Assessment defines as essential (the works were identified in terms of their feasibility).

Mitigation and compensation measures are identified by the Environmental Impact Assessment.

Location of mitigation and compensation works 


Panoramica Investimenti - Estratto Bilancio di Sostenibilità 2016

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