The project

Marco Polo Airport in the study on the future development of Italy's airports: a hub serving the intercontinental routes and the local and regional transport network.

Development plan: the vision

Goals, criteria and main projects of the Master Plan 2021 of the Venice Marco Polo Airport.

Investments for the hinterland

The Venice-Treviso airport system and the Master Plan 2021's projects amount to…



Some of the works that will transform Venice Marco Polo Airport: the projects under way and the milestones from 2015 to 2021

The project in numbers

The key numbers of the project to develop and transform Venice Marco Polo Airport


An ambitious project

The step that Marco Polo Airport is poised to take in the coming years will lead it to become a key hub between the air system and the rail and road networks.

The ambition to create a link between intercontinental flights and regional and local networks requires a system of infrastructures which, starting from the analysis of traffic volumes, must guarantee services in line with the standards of the European airports that play similar roles.


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