Development plan: the vision

Goals, criteria and main projects of the Master Plan 2021 of the Venice Marco Polo Airport.

Regarding the structures and infrastructures, the commitment in research and design has been aimed at minimizing land occupation with respect to the capacity required for passengers and cargo flows.


Summary of goals and criteria

  • timely implementation of adaptations of infrastructures and services in relation to traffic demand, with the sourcing of the necessary areas, which may also be outside the current area under authorization;
  • the highest safety standards;
  • efficiency and high levels of service for passengers, carriers and transport operators;
  • a better relationship with the environment;
  • active collaboration with the local stakeholders to generate positive spin-offs in the areas close to the airport.

The main projects

Expansion of the terminal

New traffic forecasts and the calculation of demand have provided basic data for the terminal's expansion project.

Improvement of runway and aprons

The works envisaged until 2021 relate to the…


Moving walkway and water terminal

This project is divided into two facilities…

Car parking

Under the Master Plan 2021, over 3,000 car-parking spaces with the new multi-storey car park and three new street-level car parks, are planned.


Logistic hub

The Master Plan 2021 envisages the construction of two new buildings to accommodate the shipping agents.

Trigeneration plant

The preliminary design involves the construction of a trigeneration plant, a cooling system and a new electrical room.


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