Investments for the hinterland

The Venice-Treviso airport system and the Master Plan 2021's projects amount to an outstanding development opportunity for the North-east of Italy and the country as a whole.

The Ministry for Infrastructure and Transport, and the National Civil Aviation Administration have identified the priorities for Venice Airport as being the upgrading of its infrastructures and the development of rail and road connections.  Over the last decade, indeed, in addition to the connections with Europe's major capitals, links have been established with North America and, more recently, with Dubai and Doha, which have raised Marco Polo's profile in internationalization and economic growth of the area, the development of tourism and, in general, a rise in living standards.

The airport transformation project was created with the active collaboration of the local administrations for creating a concerted development of the areas near the airport, and with the aim of a better relationship with the environment.

Regarding building and infrastructures, the works in research and design have aimed at optimizing footprint with respect to the capacity required for passenger and cargo flows. The Master Plan 2021 also foresees 3,000 more jobs, required to meet the need to develop the airport expansion and upgrading services.


Investments overview

The Save Group strongly believes that the investment in infrastructures is necessary for the growth and socio-economic development of the Veneto area. With the Master Plan 2021, it has planned a sizeable investment for the expansion and transformation of Venice Marco Polo Airport.

Works coming under EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) foresee investments to the tune of about EUR 330 million. The sum of all the projects' value, including mitigation and compensation measures related to ecology and water-related safety, amount to about EUR 630 million.


Panoramica Investimenti - Estratto Bilancio di Sostenibilità 2016

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